Vision Documents


Individual Vision Documents

Let’s go around the room and present our revised individual Vision Documents.

Group Vision Documents


Let’s break up into our teams and create a unified Vision Document for each team.

Be sure to include:

  • A team member list, along with specific roles
  • A description of the general project concept
  • A description of your target audience(s) and how your concept will help overcome specific hurdles to accessing and understanding the exhibits you’re addressing; i.e. a timeline helps clarify the chronology of events and how different items relate to each other, an interactive map does the same in the spatial dimension, a gamified tour helps teachers motivate students to visit more exhibits and engage with them more deeply
  • Identify and justify your technology and architecture choices


Teams present your unified project concepts to Emily Croll.


Vison Documents

  • Together with your team, refine your Vision Document based on the feedback your received in class from Emily Croll, your classmates and me
  • Add a link to your Vision Document on your team’s project page


  • Begin developing your projects
  • Start by sketching out your user experience and identifying the content elements you’ll need to develop
  • Organize your team according to skill set and divide your workload accordingly

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