Final Presentations


  • Thank you Nick, Beth, Beth, Paula & Margaret for hosting us this semester!
  • Presentations are being video recorded and will be posted to the individual┬áteam pages


  1. Civil War Flags NFC Tour – Matthew Cherry
  2. Pretty Big Things Scavenger Hunt – Meena Selvanathan, Kerrin McLaughlin, Ric Selleck
  3. Pretty Big Timeline – Sam Mills
  4. Trunks from Ellis Island – Juhi Kapadia
  5. Civil War Soldier Map – Brooks Backinoff, Yuki Takahashi
  6. Phonograph: A History – Kristen Cascante
  7. Nipper the Dog and Other Advertising Icons – Amanda Vuocolo
  8. Civil War Flags Interactive Map – Shay Vachhani
  9. Horse Carriage in Motion – Jessica Goldbach
  10. Grandfather Clocks Augmented Reality Video – Chris Flannery
  11. Elsie the Cow Augmented Reality Interactive – Edward Reinke
  12. Civil War Soldier Augmented Reality Stories – Kathleen Fox, Erin Kraemer

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