Games & Gamification


Vision Documents

Let’s go around the room and review your Vision Documents.

Games & Gamification

What is Gamification?


Game Elements

Rock Paper Scissors – what are the game elements in Rock-Paper-Scissors?

  • Space: ?
  • Components: ?
  • Mechanics: ?
  • Rules: ?

Other Elements

(Which type of motivation do they leverage? Intrinsic or extrinsic?)

  • Points
  • Progress Bars
  • Leader Boards
  • Levels
  • Badges



Let’s earn our first OpenBadges:

  • Head over to OpenBadges to set up your backpack
  • Now work through the OpenBadges Quickstart example
  • Now take a look at some of the other organizations using OpenBadges
  • Consider the NJSM map linked to above
  • On paper, come up with a structural gamification badging system that would motivate school kids to visit all the exhibition spaces over the course of a semester. Think about how you could use badges, levels and progress bars to motivate them.
Issuing OpenBadges

How to Issue OpenBadges

Progress Bars


Let’s build a progress bar using Bootstrap, JQuery & HTML5 Local Storage:


Vision Document

  • Refine your Vision Document based on today’s discussion
  • Come prepared to present your Vision Document in class next week

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