The Dungeon (The Render Room)

Welcome to the final, most tragic, portal, the final destination for all animations and patience. Here is where animation come to render and students wait hours and hours for a mere 5 seconds of videos. This room has created more than just a few existential crises and fits of rage. Very few animation actually survive the rendering process. Most stop midway through and students are forced to render from the start. This concludes the tour of the Animation World. Thank you~ Enjoy the rest of your day!

The Globe Theater Room 202

Welcome dear mortals to the Globe Theater! Home of all of Shakespeare’s works in animated form. Watch Hamlet dramatize every moment of his life through dramatic monologue, or Nick Bottom charm the hearts of all in his portrayal of Pryamus in Peter Quince’s latest hit, The Most Tragic Death of Pyramus and Thisbe.

To see where animation and patience go to die visit the next room, the dungeon, ie: the Render Lab.

Portal to Butterfly Land Room 222

Welcome to the World of Animation! You enter the portal to this land by simply walking into the room! These locations are the key portals for animation where animation students work, thrive, and create… and occasionally cry because animation is hard.

Upon entering the doors of Room 222, Visitors are transported to the land of Butterflies named after Erin’s Kraemer’s lovely animation project. ┬áThe Land of Butterflies is an animated world where fun critters are born. We see them fly through the sky, around trees, and through animated grass blades made out of fur.

Find the next Portal (The Globe Theater) in Room 202.