1st Field Trip – Princeton University Art Museum


  • Princeton University Art Museum today
  • Study hours at the NJSM next week
  • Team pages need to go live today for NJSM partners to review
  • 1st exhibit critiques are due next week

Team Project Pages

Let’s take a few minutes to finish setting up your team pages.

  • In addition to the title for you page, which should be your project name, please create two sections to your page, using H2s for each section header.
  • Section 1 should be “Team” and list your team members including name and email address.
  • Section 2 should  be “Concept” and include a link to your concept Google Presentation from last week.

Princeton Art Museum

While at the museum, please complete one of the Self-guided tours.


Questions Study Sessions at the NJSM

Before you arrive for your study session at the NJSM, prepare your list of questions you need to research during your visit.

1st Exhibition Critique

Please complete your first exhibit critique using this template as a guide. You may use the NJSM, the Princeton Art Museum, A Palette of Pixels or any other exhibition you have recently visited as your subject.



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