Open Discussion


  • Kelly Krumenacker’s BCCM presentation
  • Next week – Dry run project demonstrations with Emily Croll
  • Next week – 2nd Exhibit Critique due
  • 12/9, 8:00-10:50 – Final Presentations, tentatively scheduled to take place in the STEAM lab at the NJSM

Project Status

Let’s take a few minutes to review the status of each of your projects.


  • Bring your project pages up to date with your latest vision documents, concept art, wireframes, screen shots, and prototypes.
  • Create an outline for your demo/presentation making sure to include:
    • your primary audience
    • the object(s) you’re interpreting
    • the story you’re telling to enhance the interpretation
    • the interactivity you’re facilitating and why
    • run through one user story for your demo
    • present what next steps would be required to implement a production-quality release of your project

Open Discussion

  • Continue working on your projects
  • Engage your classmates with any questions or if you’d like feedback on your design decisions


2nd Exhibit Critique

Please complete your second exhibit critique using this template as a guide. You may use the Bucks County Children’s Museum, the Sarnoff Innovation Video Game exhibit, A Palette of Pixels or any other exhibition you have recently visited as your subject.


  • Continue developing your prototypes
  • With your team, practice your presentation based on your vision document and the outline you created above as a framework for your dry run prototype demonstration for next week

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