The Space Behind the Main Staircase, 1st Floor.

If you go to the main staircase on the first floor you will notice that there is a nice cozy space to nap behind the stairs which is easily accessible with a little bit of climbing and crawling. It is said that there was once a student who died here because he was chilling too hard and now his ghost sometimes chills here too.

Best uses of this space: napping, chilling, dozing off, haunting

Art Lounge

On the first floor, there is a common space area that can be shared with all art/IMM students. When you first enter the space, you come into the small kitchen area. Accessorized with a fridge, microwave, and a table with no seats that are high enough for it.

But when you walk past this little kitchenette area, you come into one of the sleeping oasis-es in this building. The art lounge has chairs, tables, and even better a couch. All of these pieces of furniture can be used for your napping pleasures. Had an all nighter and have a few minutes to snooze? This is the place to be. Too tired to walk over to your dorm? Take a quick nap, no one will disturb you.

After all, every college student needs a good nap.

Best Places to Sleep in AIMM Part 2 – The Hallway

Everyone has a nap spot in AIMM.  This hallway is a lesser-known spot because it experiences high traffic during the day due to its proximity to some classrooms and The Cage.  However, on weekends and nights, this hallway provides a dim, quiet, private place to snooze. Grab your giant hoodie and pick a corner! It’s all yours!