Current Project on Display: Painting 101

Introduction to Painting

In part of Introduction to Painting, these students will learn the art of expressing themselves through self created images. Materials used will focus on water color, charcoal, and even finger paint.

In this project, students used charcoal to express how their first few weeks of classes have been going. Some have focused on the human anatomy by recreating bones and the skull.

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Current Project on Display: Filmthropology 276

In this class students take stills of popular movies and sequence them in a way that conveys the meaning of the scene in 10 or less stills. This class helps students hone their abilities of setting up camera shots or their ability to act by studying the facial expressions of the actors.

This is one of the many of such projects done over the course of the semester.

Current Projects on Display : Photography 101

Disclaimer: not really true

Class: Photography 101

Exploring life through a lens, learning composition, how a camera works, and how to develop in a dark room.
Project: Around Me
Students were invited to photograph their surroundings with a unique perspective
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Current Projects on Display – Design Fundementals

disclaimer: not really true
Class: Design Fundamentals:
In this graphic design course, students learn the fundamentals of design, including such aspects as balance, symmetry, color, and layout.
Project: Common Objects in Uncommon Forms
This first project required students to choose a common object and create a variety of stylistic interpretations, learning Abode Illustrator for the first time.
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