TICAH Health 2



(Primary) Sally Leiyan, sleiyan [at] ticahealth.org

  • Jeremiah Musyoka, jmusyoka [at] ticahealth.org
  • Bridget McGraw, info [at] bridgetmcgraw.com


(Primary) Prof. Mark Thompson, thompsom [at] tcnj.edu

  • Benjamin Meyer, meyerb2 [at] tcnj.edu
  • Jared Entin, entinj1 [at] tcnj.edu
  • Daniel Breen, breend3 [at] tcnj.edu
  • Drew Bloksberg, bloksbd1 [at] tcnj.edu


Vision Document


Project Overview

In order to gather and display feedback gathered from individuals in the community, the system uses FrontlineSMS. This software will need to be downloaded and installed on a computer before continuing with the setup guide. A sim card for a local number will need to be obtained with a dongle or an Android phone will need to be used in order to send and receive text messages. A list of recommended devices can be found here and here. Individual miales and elders are assigned to groups, which are tagged to allow for quick sorting through all of the feedback that has been received.

Setup Guide


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