Open Discussion


  • This week, 4/13: Open Discussion
  • Next week, 4/20: Open Discussion

Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few moments to review some of your Design Notebook entries for last week.

Open Discussion

  • Concept presentations & feedback
  • Any particular issues with your projects?
  • Number of phone lines?
  • Dongle or phone?
  • Any setup issues?


In Class

Update your project pages on the class blog.


Continue developing your projects.

Design Notebooks

  • Create a new page slide in your Design Notebooks and title it “Project Status” and today’s date.
  • Write a brief paragraph describing what you accomplished on your team’s project for this week (screen designs, content developed, FrontlineSMS activities, etc.
  • Write another brief paragraph describing your project goals for next week.

*Assignments are due before class begins on Mondays. Be prepared to present your work in class for discussion.

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