CEWOD, Final Documentation


(Primary) Digna Peter, digner_peter [at] yahoo.com
Bridget McGraw, info [at] bridgetmcgraw.com


(Primary) Prof. Mark Thompson, thompsom [at] tcnj.edu

  • Brianna D’Anton, dantonb1 [at] tcnj.edu
  • Maria Molina, molinam3 [at] tcnj.edu
  • Melissa Sheu, sheum1 [at] tcnj.edu
  • Samantha Mills, millss2 [at] tcnj.edu



An SMS service that incorporates FrontlineSMS in order to reach a larger audience. Users can subscribe to a CEWOD group, and receive information and updates It „allows CEWOD to send out important information about meetings and events and change the information provided quickly and efficiently when needed.

Vision Document
Script/ How-to guide
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Last Regular Class Session


  • This week, 5/4 – Last regular class session
  • Thursday, 5/14, 8:00am-10:50am – Final Presentations
  • Dr. John Pollock will be attending our Final Presentations
  • Course evaluations are up on PAWS

Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review some of your Design Notebooks from last week.

Open Discussion

Any issues with your prototypes? Any amazing discoveries?


  • Package up your prototypes (be sure to include account information, usernames & passwords for any social media or cloud accounts you may have created)
  • Polish up your project pages for your partner organization and the general public (you may want to share the link on your resume or for an interview)
  • Present your finished prototype materials to your partner organization before we meet on 5/14 for Finals presentations