Project Concepts


Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review your design notebooks.

Knight Challenge Entries

Organize into your groups and continue working on your Knight Challenge entries.


Knight Challenge Entries

  • Review all three other teams’ Challenge Entries and comment on each of them
  • Scan the other entries in the Challenge, paying particular attention to how they present their projects
  • Pick three entries you believe present their case the best

Design Notebook

Challenge Feedback

  • Review the comments on your team’s Challenge Entry
  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and title it “Challenge Entry Feedback”
  • Write a paragraph or two summarizing the feedback your project has received and how you can improve your project accordingly

Best Submission Examples

  • Create another slide in your Design Notebook and title it “Best Entry Examples”
  • List the three Challenge entries you picked in the above exercise
  • Write a paragraph describing the one best Challenge entry and why you think their presentation is superior
  • Focus on the quality of their presentation, ignoring whether or not you agree with their specific project concept

Submitting Your Work

This week’s homework assignment is due next week before class. When you’ve completed them, post a comment on this page (Project Concepts), including a link to your Design Notebook.

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