Prep for Final Presentations


  • Final Presentations – Thursday 12/10 8:00am-10:50am (time pending)
  • Course evaluations in PAWS


Today we’re going to rehearse your final presentations.


Together with your team, take 45 minutes or so to organize your materials for your presentation. Make sure you have the following materials:

  • Project concept elevator pitches
  • Project diagrams & content maps
  • Design Brief (your Knight Challenge Entry)
  • User Personas & User Stories
  • Administration documentation & Style Guide
  • Functional Prototype (derived from paper prototypes)

The Google Drive presentation you worked up last week should be based on the materials listed above.

Make sure each team member has at least one slide to present, and that you are covering off on each of the materials listed above.

Once your team has your presentation together, practice it together as team.


Once all teams are prepared, we’ll do a formal dry run of the final presentations.


  • Together with your team, continue to refine your project materials and your presentation based upon the feedback you received in class.
  • Individually, make sure you’re caught up on your Design Notebooks

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