Functional Prototypes


  • Next week – Final Presentation Rehearsals
  • Final Presentations – Thursday 12/10 8:00am-10:50am

Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review your some of your Design Notebooks.

Functional Prototypes & Documentation

You should be in the final phase of developing your projects. Your team should have the following artifacts:

  • Project concept elevator pitches
  • Project diagrams & content maps
  • Design Brief (your Knight Challenge Entry)
  • User Personas & User Stories
  • Administration documentation & Style Guide
  • Functional Prototype (derived from paper prototypes)


Break up into your teams and continue refining your prototypes & documentation:

  • Update your team blog page with the latest versions of the artifacts listed above
  • Break up your prototypes & documentation into parts – one part for each of your team members
  • Each team member is responsible for finalizing and presenting their part of the your project
  • Create a Google Drive Presentation for your final presentation, including at least one slide for each member of your team, labelled with the part of the project each team member will present
  • Each team member is responsible for creating and presenting their slide


Have a great Thanksgiving & come prepared to rehearse your final presentations next week.

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