3d Scanning & Printing


  • Mid-Semester Progress Reports – need all outstanding Design Notebooks, 1st Exhibit Critiques & Vision Documents in by midnight, Oct 16 in order to process mid-semester progress reports.
  • Richard Cox will be demonstrating IMM’s Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, our Makerbot Digitizer, and supporting software.
  • Wednesday, October 29, 1st Sarnoff Innovation Lecture

Homework Discussion

Let’s go around the room and discuss your Design Notebook entries for this week.

Trend: 3D Printing

Be your own souvenir

Desktop Manufacturing

  • Laser cutters (subtractive)
  • CNC routers (subtractive)
  • 3D Printers (additive)

Subtractive vs Additive Processes

  • Subtractive manufacturing processes ‘cut out’ the object
  • Additive manufacturing processes ‘build up’ the object

Numerical Control Languages

  • Laser cutters, CNC routers & 3D printers are controlled by computers through machine languages – CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”
  • A common machine language for desktop manufacturing equipment is G Code

3D Printers

  • 3D printers are similar to regular printers, except that they also move along the Z-axis
  • Instead of ink, 3D printers usually extrude melted plastic, though other materials can be used as well:

3D Printing in Museums

Common 3D Printers

Creating Models

Scanning Models

Cleaning Up Models

Slicing Models

  • generates gcode instructions
  • .stl → .gcode

Printing Models

Printing @ IMM

Printing Through a Service

Common Problems

Platform-specific Printing

Sources for Models

Homework Assignment 7a (5 points, 1 point each)

      1. Create a new page in your Design Notebook and give it a title reflective of the final project you’re thinking about
      2. Give a brief description of your project idea
      3. Include the category from the Sarnoff Collection you’ll be addressing with your project
      4. Include a list of the specific item(s) you’ll be interpreting for your project
      5. Make a list of possible references for your project

Assignment 7b  (5 points, 1 point each)

      1. Read the 2013 TrendsWatch Report pp 13-17
      2. Create a new page in your Design Notebook with the heading “3D Printing”
      3. Take a look at some of the examples of 3D printing currently used in museums on p 17 of the TrendsWatch Report and write a paragraph about your favorite example.
      4. Can you find any other examples of the 3D printing being used “in the wild”?  Jot down a brief description & a link to what you find in your Design Notebook.

Project Vision Statements

Your Project Vision Statements are due next week Thursday, Oct 16, end of day. Here’s the template for the assignment.

Studio Time

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