Initial Prototype Demos


  • Ben’s Research Resources
  • Wednesday, Nov 12, 2nd Sarnoff Lecture
  • TBD – Friday, Nov 14, 2nd Field Trip – Bucks County Children’s Museum

Initial Prototype Demonstrations

  • Present Prototypes

Studio Time

  • Continue working on prototypes.

Homework Assignment 11a (5 points)

  • Create a new page in your Design Notebook, label it with next week’s class date (Nov. 14, 2013). Together with your teammates, create a list of the 3 most pressing risks to your project in order of urgency (familiarity with software, access to research or media assets, etc). Next week, with your teammates, address the 1 or 2 most pressing issues on your list to move your project forward.

Assignment 11b  (5 points)

  • Prepare your 2nd Prototype Demonstration. Create a new page in your Design Notebook and label it “2nd Prototype Demonstration”. Create a bullet point list highlighting your progress on your projects. Be prepared to present the status of your project.

Submitting Your Work This week’s homework assignments are due by next Thursday, Nov. 13, at 5:00 pm EST. When you’ve completed them, post a comment on this page, including a link to your Design Notebook.

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