Final Project Assignment Discussion


  • Next week Friday we’ll be presenting our Functional Prototype concepts to Emily Croll
  • Cameron Uhlig from Camagine Design will be speaking to us next week about CineMapping and iWalls
  • Wednesday, October 29, 1st Sarnoff Innovation Lecture

Functional Prototypes

Present Vision Documents

General Discussion

Iterative Development – fail early, address the biggest unknowns, risks first

Examine & Discuss exhibition space as it relates to each of your projects


Gamification – “The use of game elements and game-design techniques in non-game contexts”

Studio Time

  • Begin Working on Functional Prototypes

Homework Assignment 8a (5 points)

Create a new page in your Design Notebook, label it with next week’s class date (Oct. 24, 2013). Together with your teammates, create a list of the 3 most pressing risks to your project in order of urgency (familiarity with software, access to research or media assets, etc). Next week, with your teammates, address the 1 or 2 most pressing issues on your list to move your project forward.

Assignment 8b  (5 points)

Update your Vision Documents based upon the class discussion today. Create a new page in your Design Notebook and label it with the name of your final project. Create a bullet point list highlighting the user experience and interpretation benefits of your functional prototype concept. You can use this for your presentation to Emily next week.

Submitting Your Work This week’s homework assignments are due by next Thursday, Oct. 23, at 5:00 pm EST. When you’ve completed them, post a comment on this page, including a link to your Design Notebook.

6 thoughts on “Final Project Assignment Discussion

  1. Vision Document Revisal: DONE! ( Not much has changed there, since only a few details have shifted since first pitching it, but I digress)
    Design Notebook: Coming Soon!
    Initial Outline: Later on Thursday after I get some rest. VERY BUSY!

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