Augmented & Virtual Reality


Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review some of your design notebooks.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Reality ———-> AR ———-> Virtual Reality


  • Feature Recognition – markers, QR codes, images, colors, etc.
  • Positioning Data – location, orientation
  • What kinds of devices have cameras, GPS & accelerometers?

Augmented Reality & the Web

WC3 Augmented Reality Group

Why use it in Museums?

  • In exhibition space – provide additional levels of interpretation
  • Outside the exhibition space – extend exhibition reach and provide additional levels of interpretation for digital/print exhibit media

Some AR Toolkit Options

Holographic Systems

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Filmmaking

Exercise (time permitting)

  • Break up into teams of 3 or 4
  • Head over to the Aurasma website and signup
  • Using Aurasma Studio, create a a new Aura
  • The follow the instructions to create a demo AR app
  • Use photos or images from the Sarnoff Collection to create your demos


Natural User Interfaces

  • Read the 2012 NMC Horizon Report pp. 31-35
  • Create a new page in your Design Notebook with the heading “Natural User Interfaces”
  • Take a look at some of the examples of natural user interfaces currently used in museums on pp. 33 & 34 of the Horizon Report and write a paragraph about your favorite example.
  • Can you find any other examples of the “Natural User Interfaces” being used “in the wild”?  Jot down a brief description & a link to what you find in your Design Notebook.

NJSM Archaeology/Ethnography Collections

Submitting Your Work

This week’s homework assignment is due next week before class. When you’ve completed them, post a comment on this page (Augmented Reality), including a link to your Design Notebook.