Room 202

This room can be accessed by any student on campus. The room is open 24/7 as long as you are in the building by 8:00pm otherwise you will be locked out of the building. The computers offers many Adobe and Autodesk programs. The computers also comes with all Microsoft Office programs. Room 202 is the biggest computer lab in the building and one of the only rooms that is carpeted.

AIMM 216 Equipment Cage

This room is where all the advanced equipment is stored.  You can ask the people working there and they will allow you to sign out equipment such as cameras and sound equipment. Not only is it one of the locations on campus to sign out audio/video equipment, it also has physical computing kits in order to solder materials and test equipment.  Just be certain to return the borrowed equipment on time.

Room 217: Photo Processing

A really long time ago (probably only, like, five months, but who’s counting), a toner cartridge darker than anything you can imagine lay hidden at the bottom of some dusty, forgotten plastic shelf…quiet. Undisturbed. Then someone screwed it all up because they needed it for a project they’d procrastinated on, and the darkness escaped. The whole room was enveloped into a shadow even darker than the prospect of there not being any construction on campus anytime soon, and shadow ghosts came out and stuff. It was bad. Very bad. Don’t go in there.

Okay, you can if you want to, ’cause for all I know the ghosts might actually be perfectly well-meaning citizens, but that’s just what they told me to say. I’m in legal. I’m not supposed to be writing horror stories. Who am I? What has my life become? Why are you still reading this? Just look at the room and be scared so I don’t get fired…


The U-lab lab is exclusive to Interactive Multimedia majors. The IMM U-Lab is an integral working space within the department. This is a space for students to socialize, relax, and get assignments done without the pressure of an academic space. There are bean-bag chairs, couches, and gaming consoles available to all Interactive Multimedia students at all hours of the day. It offers computers complete with all available programs for students to access, especially when all other computer labs are occupied. There is also a microwave and refrigerator to store and heat up your lunch. There is ample access to electrical outlets for charging your various devices all around the room as well. Without this space, the Interactive Multimedia department would be forever incomplete.

IMM Lighting Lab 204

You can use this room to film and photograph in optimal lighting.  You can also use the sheets of paper to create backdrops or even green screens. If you are just doing a quick shoot and no one is using the lab already you can just head in and start shooting.  If you plan on making use of the lab for an extended time you can reserve the lab for a set amount of time by heading over and asking the people in the cage.