Open Discussion & Old Barracks Museum


Project Status Updates

Let’s go around the room and discuss your projects.

  • What did you accomplish this week?
  • What do you hope to accomplish next week?
  • Are you blocked on anything?

Project Workshop

Let’s break up into our teams and continue working on our projects. If you have anything you’d like feedback on, feel free to demo to get feedback.

Old Barracks Visit

This week we are visiting the Old Barracks Museum. We’ll be visiting the gallery, followed by a taking a walking tour of the barracks. As you tour the museum, take notes on the exhibits, and consider how the stories the exhibition is trying to tell could benefit from interactive interpretations.

For example, consider the Splendor by the Hour exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art:


Please complete your second exhibit critique using this template as a guide. As before, you may use the Old Barracks Museum, the NJSM, the Princeton Art Museum, The Sarnoff Collection, or any other exhibition you have recently visited as your subject.