Digitally Fabricated Hands

Project Name- Hands

Team Members- Gin

Project Overview- To create digitally fabricated hands for NJSM. The hands should accurately display the holding of various museum objects and should also make use of our digital fabrication tools to make them more professional quality and faster.

Project Vision Document-

Final Presentation


Behind The Pen: Listening In On Historic Documents

Project Overview
In the narrow hallway of the museum, specific treaties or contracts put together by the settlers and/or Native Americans can have audio files tied to them – namely, what one side and/or the other was saying and thinking as they put it together. Having the opportunity to get a sense of both sides’ subtext and true motives, beyond the fluff on the paper, will creatively and deeply engage guests in the politics and stakes of the era.

Team Members
Vincent Giacalone

Israel Dominguez (voice work)


Project Vision Document 

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Aurasma Guide For Museum Guests


Images of Documents

Incredibly detailed essay/outline of Walking Purchase

Johan Printz bio

Interactive Story Experience

The Team

Nick Parr – Twine Development

Malakye Otey – Front End Development

Project Overview

We intend to create an interactive experience where users will be able to go through the story leading up to the creation of a particular object in one of the museum exhibits. By creating a front end for these stories, we hope to extend this experience into a hub that can hold more experiences and be expanded at will.

Project Vision Document


Projectile Point Information:

Projectile Locations:

Tools Used:





We have set up a mock up using twine (note it is far from finished)

 Final Presentation


Presentation: here




Origin of Object Map

  • Project Overview:

My project is a mobile platform that will use QR codes to show the location of specific objects in the collection on a GPS map like google maps in order for patrons to get a better understanding of where exactly these objects originated from and have them represented visually.

  • Team Members:

I will be working on this project on my own.

  • Vision Document:

  • Research:

  • Final Presentation:

PowerPoint Presentation:

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The Journey of Objects


Israel Dominguez

IMM 470-01 Fall 2016

Project Overview

For my project I plan to provided more information and history of an object. I hope to explain how objects were made back in the day and potentially discuss where it has been and how it eventually was brought into the NJ State Museum. The problem i’m focusing on to to help place more information about the object without taking up to much space. With the help of Aurasma visitors will be able to use their own phone to scan a piece of image or object on display and then they will be directed towards a visual,video,audio or text explaining the background of an object

Team Members

Israel Dominguez

Vincent Giacalone- voice work

Vision Statement

Vision Statement Document

Final Presentation


Poster for Visitors



What is Aurasma?





NJ Trade Routes Interactive Map

NJ Trade Routes Interactive Map

Team Members:
Dustin Guillemin – Backend Developer
Mike Martin – Content and User Interface

Project Overview:

We are looking to create an interactive map that shows the trade between the Native Americans and Europeans in NJ. We will be highlighting certain objects in the museum and showing off where they originated from.

Vision Document:

Research & Progress:

Final Presentation: