Diagrams & Content Maps


Paper Status Reports

Let’s take a few minutes to review the status of your papers.

Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review your Design Notebooks:

  • Based on the best uses of User Personas + User Stories vs Jobs, which approach do you feel is more appropriate for your team?

Project Status Reports

Organize into your teams and let’s take a few minutes to talk about your projects’ status.

Questions for Partners

What questions did you prepare for your partners?

Partner Contacts

Did you make contact with your partner organization?

User Personas + User Stories vs Jobs

Which techniques did your team decide makes more sense for your situation?

How many were you able to create?

Diagrams & Content Maps

Why use diagrams?

What kinds of things should you diagram?


Break up into your teams and:

  1. Based on one of your user stories/jobs from last week, create the list of steps a user needs to take to complete their goal. Do this for three of your user stories/jobs.
  2. Based on your research and the answers your partner organization gave in response to your list of questions, make a list of your partner organization’s goals.

Diagraming Tools


  1. Using one of the tools listed above, create a user flow for one of the lists of steps created in the exercise above.
  2. Make a list of the content elements you’ll need to write, photograph, laser cut, etc to fulfill each of the steps in this user flow.
  3. Make a list of the content elements you’ll need to create in order to fulfill the goals of your partner organization.
  4. Create a content map based on this article, making sure to map each content element you listed in steps 2 & 3.


Midterm Papers

Continue working on your midterm papers.

Team Projects

Meet with your team and complete the following:

User Flows

  • For each of your user stories and/or jobs diagram a complete user flow.

Content Maps

  • Based on your partner’s business goals and the user flows you diagramed, make a list of all content elements you’ll need to create, and diagram your content map.

Design Notebooks

  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebooks and title it “Diagrams & Content Maps”
  • Write a brief paragraph reflecting on the exercises you performed with your team this week. What went well? What could be improved?
  • Include a link to the user flows & content maps you and your team created this week.

*Submit the link to your Design Notebook to Canvas before we meet again next week

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