User Research: Personas + Stories & Jobs



Let’s hear each team’s project concept presentation. Each team will evaluate each other’s presentation according to the rubric.

Midterm Papers

Option 1:

You’ve been hired…

Option 2:

Campbell’s Soup

User Research: Personas, Stories & Jobs

Whose problem is your project solving?

User Personas

  1. Make a list of everyone involved in the problem you’re addressing with your project.
  2. How many different types of people did you list?
  3. Now, for each type of person you identified, try to imaging a specific person who epitomizes that type.
  • How old are they?
  • Are they female or male?
  • Where do they live?
  • How much education do they have?
  • Do they drive?
  • Do they have internet access?
  • A cell phone?
  • Are they employed?
  • What’s their income?

What you just created are called Personas. Create a label for each persona type (e.g. unregistered user, registered user, administrator, etc).

User Stories

Now, take one of your user personas and ask yourself what kinds of things they need to be able to do with your solution.

Try to write out three examples using the following formula:

As a [user type], I want to be able to [feature], so that I can [benefit].

Here’s a worked example: As an unregistered user, I want to be able to see what types of features I’ll have access to before registering, so I’ll be able to accurately assess the value of registering

This is what’s known as a User Story. User stories allow you to create a “to do” list of features you need to implement in order to address the needs of your various user groups.

Try out Xtensio to create personas & stories online


Understanding the Job

Designing Features using Job Stories



Design Notebook (individually)

  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and title it “User Research”
  • Close read the three articles above, User PersonasUser Stories and Job Stories
  • Summarize what you understand the difference to be between personas + user stories vs job stories. Which do you feel is the appropriate tool for documenting your team’s user research?
  • Once your team has gathered your user research, add a link to your Design Notebook (make sure it’s shared appropriately)

User Research Document (as a team)

  • Create User Personas for each of the user types you’ve identified for your project
  • Review the Trenton 250 web site, the Food Assets report and your notes from the partner presentations and look for any references to demographics and user types that are relevant to your team’s project
  • Identify what information you WEREN’T able to determine about each of your user types from the above resources
  • Make a list of these open questions to ask your partner organization
  • Contact your partner and make arrangements to visit them and/or their organization in order to observe and/or interview as many of these user types as possible to gain a better understanding of the “jobs” they need to fill and how they go about filling them now
  • Based on these interviews/observations, create a list of personas & user stories or job stories, depending on your circumstances

*Submit the link to your Design Notebook to Canvas before we meet again next week

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