Presentation Workshop


  • Unstaffed Grocery Stores
  • Tentative – today we’ll meet with the other section at about 11:00 to run through the final presentations
  • I’m planning on video recording the final presentations and adding links to the videos on your team pages
  • I’m returning your graded Midterm papers by email today – grades went into canvas earlier in the week

Team Pages

Let’s take 1/2 hour or so to update our team pages.

Make sure you’ve added a Documentation section and have links to your

  • Project Implementation Documentation
  • Project Design Documentation

Also, create a new section called Final Presentation and add a link to your Google Presentation for your final presentation

Final Presentations

Let’s take and hour or so to continue refining our final presentations. We’ll get together with the other section at about 11:00 come up with the presentation order and run through them.


Final Presentations

Put the finishing touches on your presentations and practice, practice, practice.

It will feel much more natural (and comfortable to you) if you come to your final presentation having practiced it several times.

Team Pages

Be sure to update the link on your team page to the latest version of your presentation before we meet on Friday, 5/13 at 11:00am.

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