Project Workshop


Team Pages

Let’s take a few minutes to review your team pages.

Project Workshop

Final Presentation Overview

Let’s take a few minutes to discuss your final presentations.

What’s the purpose of your presentation?

  • As a team, you are storytellers
  • Together, your mission is to construct an engaging and convincing argument demonstrating the value of your interactive solution

To achieve this, you’ll need to work together, each team member speaking with confidence and authority about a component of your team’s solution.

  • The whole of your solution should come off as greater than the sum of it’s parts – this will happen when each team member presents as the authority on their component, separate, but in harmony with the other team members
  • Together, your are an ensemble, a band, an orchestra – The Weather Report, The Rolling Stones, the London Symphony Orchestra


Take a few minutes to pick a patron ensemble, band or orchestra for your team.

Final Presentation Elements

  • What? What problem is your solution addressing?
  • Who? Who are the stakeholders?
  • How? How does your solution address the problem?
  • Why? Why did you take this approach?
  • When? When could your partner begin using your solution?


Together with your team, review your team pages & the project deliverables you’ve generated over the course of the semester. Organize your deliverables against each of the elements listed above (i.e. User Personas & User Stories might map to the Who, the Usability Reports could map to the Why, etc).


  • Together with your team continue organizing your deliverables from the semester against the elements listed above
  • As a team, agree amongst yourselves who will be responsible for presenting which elements
  • Individually, begin organizing how you would like to present your section
  • Next week we’ll begin constructing your presentations


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