Project Design Documentation


Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review the team Project Implementation Documentation you developed over last week.

Project Design Guidelines

Visual & Graphic Identities


  • Review your project concept document and create a word map that represents the qualities your project needs to project to be successful
  • Cycle through each word in your list, executing Google image searches on each word
  • Select three images that best represent each word
  • Assemble all your images onto a single Google Document
  • Do the images collectively represent the mood and spirit of your project?
  • If yes, use a palette generator like Adobe Color CC to generate a palette that best represents your project visually
  • What about a font?

System Persona Guidelines

Developing a bot, SMS or IVR system? What voice attributes best represent your project? Male or female voice? Younger or older? Fun or serious?


  • Review the mood board you created in the previous exercise
  • What voice attributes can you identify to can use in copy for your project (for posters, sms messages, or other text)?
  • Make a list of these attributes


Team Project Design Guidelines Documentation

  • With your team, review the word list, graphics, fonts and writing voice attributes you identified during the graphics and voice identity exercises you did in class
  • Repeat any of the steps from either exercise if you’re not completely satisfied with your project’s graphic and voice identity
  • Create a new Google Drive and write up a Design Document that reflects the identity guidelines you’ve identified
  • Include sections for mood, palette, type treatment, logo usage, and text voice attributes
  • Update your team page on the blog and link your new identity guidelines under your “Project Documentation” heading

Design Notebooks

  • Individually, create a new slide in your Design Notebooks and title it “Design Guidelines”
  • Write a brief paragraph summarizing your team’s Design Identity
  • Be sure to include a link to your team’s Design Guideline Google Document

*Submit the link to your Design Notebook to Canvas before we meet again next week

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