Breakfast Posse


James Hebditch – Producer

Nick Parr – Programmer

Chris Stehm – Content

Miranda Karetny – Designer


New Jersey Partnership For Healthy Kids – Trenton

Project Concept:

Make an arcade machine that can be placed in school lunch rooms that motivates kids to develop healthy eating decisions through an interactive gaming experience.


Kids in Trenton school systems are unhealthy because of their lack of communication in regards to how to eat healthy and access to groceries.

Project Document:

Breakfast Posse Project Document

User Research Doc:

User Personas and Stories


Project Concept Presentation

Paper Prototype:

Breakfast Posse Paper Prototype


Breakfast Posse Design Document

Breakfast Posse Implementation Document

Usability Report:

Usability Report 3/31/2016

Usability Report 4/21/2016

Final Presentation:

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