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Michael Lore – Web Development –

Kristina Fasulo – Graphic Design –

Phil Treu – UX/UI Design –

Jackie Vandewater – Content Producer –

Elevator Pitch

Many people in Trenton don’t have access to a car so they use a bicycle for transportation. However, information regarding biking events and routes in the city is often hard to find. Our goal is to make that information easy and convenient to find and use, while also highlighting local landmarks to encourage people from outside the city to come and enjoy a bike ride, hopefully stimulating the local economy and helping to remove the negative connotation often associated with the city.

Design Briefs

Trenton Cycling Revolution

User Personas & User Stories

User Personas and User Tasks

User Stories

User Steps & Diagrams

Planning a Bike Route

Attending a Biking Event

Updating the TCR Website and Sending out Info

TCR Website Content Map

Image Prototypes


Paper Prototypes

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Test Script and Possible Improvements

Test Script/Improvements

Revised Prototypes

Events page

Landmarks page

Map page

Project Documentation


Design Guidelines

Design Style Guide


TCR Presentation

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  1. Feedback from Mark: MapMyRide sort of integration and testing the user experiences of a 1 page design vs. 3 different pages after our info page

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