Dust or Magic?


  • We’re attending Dust or Magic today, 9:00-11:30

Dust or Magic


Design Notebook

  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and label it “Winter Show Suggestions”
  • Write a brief paragraph about what you would like to see at this semester’s winter show. How should we present it? Who should we invite? What would you like to get out of it?
  • Create another slide in your Design Notebook and title it with today’s date.
  • Write a brief synopsis of your progress this and last week, including links to your project canvas and prototypes

Project Canvas

Please update your project canvas if you’re not quite up to date.¬†You should have info for:

  • Problem & Existing Alternatives
  • Customer Segments & Early Adopters
  • Unique Value Proposition & High Level Concept
  • Solution
  • Channels
  • Revenue Streams (or What’s in it for you)
  • Cost Structure ( or what hardware, software, services, printing, subscriptions, etc you need for your project)


  • Continue developing your project, prototyping the parts that are most uncertain in order to eliminate the unkowns

Submitting Your Work

Please post a link to your Design Notebook as a comment to this page before class next Tuesday, 11/10/15.