Key Metrics



Design Notebooks

Let’s take a few minutes to review your Design Notebooks/Projects.

Winter Show

Let’s envision what we want our Winter Show to be like:

  • What would you like to show?
  • How would you like to show it?
  • Who do you want to see it?
  • Why?

What about atmosphere?

  • Should there be food?
  • Should there be music?
  • What else?

Key Metrics of Success

Let’s review the project canvas.

  1. Problem & Existing Alternatives
  2. Customer Segments & Early Adopters (Target Audience)
  3. Unique Value Proposition & High Level Concept
  4. Solution
  5. Channels
  6. Revenue Streams – what’s in it for you?
  7. Cost Structure – what equipment/software/materials/services do you need and how much will they cost?
  8. Key Metrics of Success
  9. Unfair Advantage

What’s a key metric (aka KPI)?

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your objectives.

Web Analytics 2.0

Top 5 Google Analytics KPIs


Let’s go around the room and identify a number of KPIs for each of your projects.



  • Continue prototyping your projects. Pick the biggest unknown and try to create a small prototype to eliminate the unknowns.

Project Canvas

  • Identify 3 key metrics that you’ll use to measure the success of your project. It could be the number of business cards requested by visitors to the show, number of interviews lined up as a result of your demonstration, etc. Just make sure it’s a ratio and that it’s something you can (and will) measure online or at the show.
  • Update your project canvas with your key metrics of success.

Design Notebooks

  • Create a new slide and label it “Progress for ” and today’s date.
  • Write a brief paragraph on your progress this week.
  • Identify the biggest unknown for your project and write a sentence or two about a small prototype you could make that will eliminate that unknown.