Prep for Show


  • Next week – continue prepping for show
  • Dec 4 – AIMM After Dark
  • Final Exam – 12/11 8:00 – 10:50

Vision Documents

Senior Thesis Vision Document template

Prep for Show

You Need:

  1. Project Slide for Senior Slideshow (post it here on Google Drive)
  2. Completed Project Canvas
  3. The ability to clearly speak about your project concept in terms of the canvas
  4. Prototype artifacts to demonstrate your concept (any of the following)
    • Sketches/Concept Art
    • User Personas/User Stories
    • Diagrams
    • Paper Prototype(s)
  5. Business Cards/Contact Info
  6. A means of capturing feedback (questionnaires, forms, etc.)


Try to decompress & enjoy Thanksgiving! We’ll use class next week for finishing touches on your project artifacts for the show.

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