A good company builds one product, learns from its customers, and iterates to make that product exceptional

Design Notebooks

Let’s review some of your Design Notebooks.

Discussion: Build or Borrow



Let’s take another look at the project canvas.


  1. Take a few minutes to think about how an early adopter of your project might use it the first time.
  2. Try writing this out as a series of steps, sort of like a recipe.
  3. Now think about another kind of user, or perhaps the same user as before, but now they’re coming back a second time. Are they following exactly the same steps? Or is there a different sequence they’ll need to follow.
  4. Write out this sequence as a separate series of steps.
  5. Continue doing this exercise for a total of three different users.

Paper Prototypes

Why paper?

A List Apart: Paper Prototyping

How to

Paper Prototypes and Mockups


Using the sequences your wrote out in the previous exercise, begin creating a paper prototype of your project.

  • If you’re creating an animation or film, mock up a story board to establish flow
  • A web site or mobile app? Draw out a rough of what the UI might look like in blocks (you can use POP later to generate stub pages)
  • A process? Create paper markers for the different participants in the process. Hand them out to people representing each element of the process and havr them act out the flow
  • etc



  • Update your project canvas solution block with your solution outline
  • Continue collecting links about the state of the art of your field, the innovation context of your field, organizations where you’d like to work, or their competitors
  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and label it “Solution”
  • Write a brief paragraph describing your solution
  • Include a link to your project canvas

Paper Prototype

  • Continue developing your paper prototypes
  • Come to class next week prepared to test your prototype with your classmates

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