Project TEACH

Team Members:

Mike Lore – medicines
Dennis Bereznyak – medicines
Israel Dominguez – focus on Spanish translations
Lucy Clementoni – milestones
Jenna Vitale – milestones

Project Concept:

We will create an SMS app to help the mothers in Project TEACH identify alternative names of medications in order to help stop accidental double dosing.. We will also have a milestone system in place where mothers can text in their child’s age and receive information such as the ideal weight and what type of foods they should be feeding their child.
Full Project Concept

Our specific project will focus on the medicines. Our partners will focus on the milestones, and for the purposes of this project we’ll keep them separate, as a demonstration of a platform that can be added to.

Interview Questions

Project Teach Interview Questions

Vision Document

Link to vision document

System Persona

Link to System Persona

Project Design & Implementation Documentation

Link to design diagram – milestones AND medicines

Link to design diagram – medicine specific flow

Link to Documentation

Final Presentation

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