Open Discussion


Project Status

Let’s take a few minutes to review the status of each of your projects.

Where are you currently and where do you see your project being at the end of the semester?

Anything blocking your progress?

Open Discussion & Project Workshop

Continue working on your projects.


Let’s see what you’ve been able to create!


Team Pages

Together with your team, make sure your Team Page is up-to-date and includes the following artifacts:

  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Team members
  • Project flows
  • System Personas
  • Any other screen shots or documentation your team has developed


  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and title it “Project Status for April 22”
  • Write a brief summary paragraph of your teams progress this week
  • Write a second paragraph outlining your team’s goals for next week

*Submit the link to your Design Notebook to Canvas before we meet again next week hairy woman

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