Twilio SMS


Design Notebooks

Lets take a few minutes to review your Design Notebooks

Teams & Projects

Based on your interests, lets organize into teams and begin to formulate project ideas.

Let’s also take a few minutes to set up our team pages on the class blog.

Twilio SMS

Log in to your Twilio account and navigate to your number configuration screen.

Let’s take another look at TwiML and run through some examples using the verb.


A Twilio phonebook – Try swapping in phone numbers for friends and family members, have them text your Twilio number.


Twilio SMS

  • Create an SMS app that parses through the  Twilio parameter, looking for a particular keyword (hint: use strpos())
  • If the sender’s message contains a particular word, send one response, otherwise send a different response

Amazon Alexa

  • If you don’t already have one, create an account on IFTTT have a look around to get a feel for it
  • Log out and then log back in using Prof. Thompson’s account
  • Navigate to the IFTTT Amazon Alexa Channel
  • Use  IFTTT to message your Twilio number using SMS
  • When you receive an SMS from Alexa, forward the message to someone you know (hint: try using the attribute of the TwiML verb)




Project Concepts

  • Meet with your team members to iron out the specific problem your prototype will address
  • Together with your team members, craft brief a problem statement (3 sentences or so)

Design Notebooks

Project Concepts

  • Individually, create a new slide in your Design Notebook and title it “Project Concept”
  • Include a link to your team’s problem statement in your slide

Project Teams

  • Create a second slide and title it “Project Team”
  • Identify what role you would like to play on your team and write a brief paragraph outlining how you would like to approach fulfilling your role
  • List your team members and what (general) role each will be fulfilling on the team (e.g. designer, programmer, content developer, etc)

Voice Applications

  • Create a 3rd slide and label it “Voice Applications”
  • Identify three examples from the case studies or possible scenarioes you read about in the Freedom Fone User Guide that appeal to you
  • Do any of them bear similarities to your team’s project concept? Write a paragraph outlining how they do or don’t

*Submit links to your Design Notebooks in Canvas prior to next week’s class срочный займ на карту

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