Interactive Story Experience

The Team

Nick Parr – Twine Development

Malakye Otey – Front End Development

Project Overview

We intend to create an interactive experience where users will be able to go through the story leading up to the creation of a particular object in one of the museum exhibits. By creating a front end for these stories, we hope to extend this experience into a hub that can hold more experiences and be expanded at will.

Project Vision Document


Projectile Point Information:

Projectile Locations:

Tools Used:





We have set up a mock up using twine (note it is far from finished)

 Final Presentation


Presentation: here




AIMM 216 Equipment Cage

This room is where all the advanced equipment is stored.  You can ask the people working there and they will allow you to sign out equipment such as cameras and sound equipment. Not only is it one of the locations on campus to sign out audio/video equipment, it also has physical computing kits in order to solder materials and test equipment.  Just be certain to return the borrowed equipment on time.

IMM Lighting Lab 204

You can use this room to film and photograph in optimal lighting.  You can also use the sheets of paper to create backdrops or even green screens. If you are just doing a quick shoot and no one is using the lab already you can just head in and start shooting.  If you plan on making use of the lab for an extended time you can reserve the lab for a set amount of time by heading over and asking the people in the cage.