1st Exhibition Critiques


  • This week – exhibition critiques & project workshop
  • Next Fab visit this afternoon immediately following this class
  • Next week – Guest Speaker: Brad Baer, Blue Cadet
  • 2 weeks – 2nd field trip, The Old Barracks Museum

Exhibition Critiques

Let’s review your exhibition critiques!  If you haven’t done so already, please post your 1st Exhibition Critique to Canvas.

Project Workshop

Today we’ll be breaking up into our groups and working on our projects.


  • Based on your learning this week, update your Vision Documents to accurately reflect the audience, message, technologies, budget and timeline for your project
  • Update your team project page on the class blog with any new documentation, screen designs, prototypes or other materials you’ve developed over the week
  • Continue researching and developing your content and technology infrastructure for your project


Design Notebooks

  • Continue working on your project individually or with your team if you have one
  • Individually (in each of your own Design Notebooks), create a new page in your design notebook and title it with today’s date
  • Write a brief paragraph outlining your team’s project goals for this week
  • Come to class next week prepared to present your progress, what your goals were and whether or not you were able to achieve them

Submitting Your Work

This week’s homework assignment is due next week before class. When you’ve completed the assignment, post a link to your Design Notebook in canvas and as a comment on this page (1st Exhibition Critiques).

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