1st Museum Visit – Princeton Art Museum


  • Brown Bag Lunch Today, 12:30 in Mayo Hall
  • 1st Exhibition Critique due next Friday
  • Visiting the Princeton Art Museum today!

Project Status

Let’s take some time to go around the room and talk about your experiences at the NJSM this week and where you are with your projects.


Together with your team mates, take a few minutes to update and refine your project page on this blog. Ensure that you have five sections to your page:

  • Project Name
  • Team members & roles
  • Project Overview
  • Project Vision Document (with a link to your vision document)
  • Research (links to your notes, drawings, photos etc, that you took at the NJSM this week

Princeton Art Museum

Let’s prepare to head over to the Princeton Art Museum where we’ll complete one of their Artful Adventure Self-Guided tours.


Please complete your first exhibit critique using this template as a guide. You may use the NJSM, the Princeton Art Museum, The Sarnoff Collection, or any other exhibition you have recently visited as your subject.