Hacking the Food System


Design Notebooks

Lets take a few minutes to review your food diaries.

Team Assignments

Let’s take a few minutes to group up into our teams.


Tiers of the Food System

Examples of the Tiers

Tier 0: Home & Community Gardens, Home Kitchens

Tier 1: Farmers Markets & CSAs (physical or online)

Tier 2: Food Distributors & Co-ops

Tier 3: National Chains & Distributors

Tier 4: Global Distributors


  • Break up into your teams.
  • Review the Tiers of the Food System graphic we discussed above
  • Using your food diaries, try to map your team’s food diary data onto the food tiers
  • Can you determine from which tiers most of your team’s food choices came from?

An Interconnected Food System



Design Notebook

  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and title it “Hacking the Food System”
  • Identify the core problem each of the solutions you read about addresses
  • Identify where in the Nourish Food System Map each of these solutions fit
  • Identify your favorite article/video in theInnovation section and explain why it resonates for you

*Submit the link to your Design Notebook to Canvas

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