Iteration 6


  • Meeting in AIMM 125 at 8:00 next week – combined section with Buckleitner’s section
  • Make up presentations later this morning
  • Grades – I will be time limiting sprint submissions to within one week of the due date
  • OpenToonz (Steven Universe, Futurama, Anastasia, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and many more)

Project Sprints

Let’s take a few minutes to run through the status of each of your projects. Please post your project Trello board link to Canvas!

Senior Show Sprints

Let’s take a few minutes to report on your show committees. Please post your committee Trello board link to Canvas as well!


Iteration 7 Sprint

  1. Advance one or more feature/task cards from your Project Backlog to your Sprint Backlog . Complete the tasks, moving them to the Ready to Test list as appropriate, we can use class time next week to get feedback
  2. Reflect on your efforts this week and create a card describing what you learned in the Sprint Review list
  3. Comment on two other projects in Trello; one from your class, and one from a different class
  4. Present your project status in class next week

Senior Show Committee Sprint

  1. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to join (at least) one Senior Show Committee
  2. Work with your committee to:
    • update your committee member list
    • update your show committee backlog
    • what items will your committee be focussing on this week (sprint backlog)?
    • any issues or blocks?

*Be sure to post the appropriate Trello board links in canvas prior to class next week

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