Project Wrapup


  • Congratulations on your show presentations!

Final Project Wrap-up

Update your Linked in profile. 10 points

Turn in the public link by midnight on Tuesday May 17 on Canvas.

Make sure you have these three elements in order:
  • A quality photo (you can use your IMM Sr. Thesis photo if you like)
  • An updated bio and experiences
  • Links to your work; e.g., Sr. project or current activities

Sr. Thesis Project Summary Essay. 10 points

Draw on existing resources (your poster, paste papers and your mid-term presentation) to create a 3 page or more paper or a short video (your choice). You can include charts, photos and illustrations; plus links to video.  This can be created with a word processor, HTML or a PDF. Turn in your paper by midnight on May 17 on Canvas.

Includes the following:

  • Title 1 pt.
  • Description & Tools you used 3 pts.
  • Significant challenges 3 pts.
  • Advice to future students. If you were going to do it over, what would you do differently? 3 pts.

Thanks & see you at Commencement!

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