Intros & Syllabus


  • Welcome to Senior Thesis: Process & Promotion!
  • After our intros & a brief overview of the syllabus, we’ll join the other sections downstairs in AIMM 125


Lets go around the room and introduce ourselves. Please say your name and take a few minutes to give the class an overview of your project including:

  • who is¬†your primary audience
  • what do they need to get out of your project
  • what kinds of resources are you going to need to complete your project


Let’s take a few minutes to go over the class syllabus.


Join the Trello Senior Thesis Spring 2016 Team

  1. Make a copy of the Project Board Template
  2. Make a card describing your project
  3. Attach links to your project documentation from last semester
  4. Flow your project user stories/features/scenes into the Project Backlog List

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