Mike, Samantha, Kenny, Kyle, Kylie

Concept Presentation


Video Demo

Design Brief


This link will take you to our Design brief that shows you our plans and ideas for everything related to this project. It includes our overview, target audiences, user personas, messages and content, architecture, Time line and budget.

User Testing plan


Our user testing plan is documented at the bottom of our Design Brief. It details how we plan to test teens and librarians and gain feedback based on little to no prior knowledge of virtual reality devices.

User Testing Report


This document showcases our user testing and feedback. It displays our quantitative info and feedback we received from our fellow class mates.


Mock-ups and Diagrams


This document showcases several different setups based on budgets and constraints. It also shows several images and gif’s as to how the program works and how the librarians can setup the computer and oculus device.

Style Guide


Our style guide details what color scheme we would recommend using for this project. As well as going into detail of what our in-scene environment will look like. We also have a sketch of what the physical space could look like.

Ocu-cheat sheet


This link will take you to our custom made cheat sheet that will help explain how to setup the oculus rift and get the program running.


Final Presentation


This link will take you to our presentation for our Final. Included in it is an overview of what our project is and details how we can implement it in the library.


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