Style Guides & Project Documentation, Prep for Final Presentations


  • Do we need libraries?
  • This week, 5/7 – Finishing touches packaging up our projects
  • 5/18, 11:00-1:50 – Final Presentations at Ewing Branch of Mercer County Library
  • Bonner Center Evaluations
  • Course Evaluations

Bonner Center Evaluations

Let’s take a few minutes to give the Bonner Center some feedback on our projects.

Course Evaluations

Let’s take a few minutes to complete the course evaluations in PAWS for each of our sections.

Project Workshop

Continue refining your projects:

  • Do you have your Design Brief?
  • Do you have your Style Guide?
  • Do you have a project ‘cheat sheet’ with step-by-step instructions for implementing your project including urls, login credentials, etc?
  • Is your demo ready?
  • Is your team & presentation polished and ready?
  • Have you updated your project page?

The Alcove Presentation

Team Alcove will be presenting today.




  • Continue refining your prototypes, documentation and presentations

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