Formal Group Presentations


  • Midterm Papers due today (post as comment to last session’ s agenda page)
  • Visiting Ewing Public Library for Formal Group Presentations
  • Next week, April 2nd, User Personas & Design Briefs

Schedule for the Day

9:30 – Meet at TCNJ as usual

9:30 – Students complete Risk Notification Forms

9:40 – Board the vans for trip over to Ewing Public Library

10:00 – Presentations begin at Ewing Public Library with Opening Remarks by Susan Seidenburg, Ewing Youth Center Librarian

10:15 – Student presentations

12:00 – Wrap up and board vans for trip back to TCNJ



Design Notebook

  • Meet with your group and compare notes regarding the feedback you received on your presentation today.
  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and label it “Presentation Feedback” and today’s date.
  • Make a list of the feedback you received on your team’s presentation
  • Every team member should add this new slide to their individual Design Notebooks

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