Team Project Workshop


  • This week, continue to develop team project concepts
  • Next week March 12, record formal project presentations on video, begin working on Design Briefs
  • March 26, Midterm Papers due, continue working on Design Briefs, begin developing User Personas

Design Notebooks

  • Divide up into your teams and combine your Design Notebook entries for this week into your team intro presentation.
  • Let’s go around the room and have each group present their teams

Project Workshop

Stay in your groups and continue refining your project concepts. Develop a series of slides including:

  1. Which partner has your group chosen to focus on?
  2. What need does your project address?
  3. What is the target audience of your project?
  4. Describe the solution you want to develop.

Be sure to have at least one slide per each member of your team – every team member must present at least one slide.

Dry Run Presentations

Let’s go around the room again with each group presenting their refined project presentations. Be sure each team member presents at least one slide.

This is THE forum for constructive criticism ahead of our formal presentations.


Midterm Papers

Continue researching your midterm papers.


Chapter 9, Design Briefs in Communicating Design

Design Notebook

  1. Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and label it “Midterm Paper” and today’s date.
  2. Write a brief description of your idea for your midterm paper and include at least 3 links to additional research you have done in support of your idea.

*Assignments are due before class begins on Thursdays. Be prepared to present your work in class for discussion.

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