Week 9

Guest Lecturer

This week Warren Buckleitner will be guest lecturing and will ask you to score some of the apps from his recent visit to Amsterdam.

Thesis Proposal Template

Here’s the general outline of your Capstone Thesis Proposal for your review.

Initial Thesis Proposal Components

Project Overview

  • What’s your idea?

Project Background

  • What inspired your idea? Draw from your Manifesto, History of the Field, State of the Field, Leaders of the Field & Future of the Field assignments.

Target Audience

Team Inky Future of the Field Presentations

Present the information you’ve gathered about the Future of the Field you’ve chosen for your Thesis project.

Assignments for Week 9

One-Time Assignments

Project Prototypes

This week we’ll begin working on our prototypes. Please make a list of the three biggest hurdles/unknowns about your Thesis Project concept, and consider how you might make a prototype to address each. Be prepared to discuss on Monday, 11/3.

Initial Project Proposal – 10 points for presentation; 10 for write-up

Describe your initial ideas for your capstone project. Your Initial Proposal should include three sections: a Project Overview section , a Project Background Section, and a Target Audience section.

The Project Overview is a high level description of the project you’d like to develop for your Senior Thesis.

The Project Background section should be a summary drawing from your Personal Manifesto, History of the Field, State of the Field, Leaders of the Field & Future of the Field assignments. It should describe the environment into which your project will fit, and how it will affect the future of your field of interest.

The Target Audience section should be a description of the user groups you are creating for, and specifically which of needs your project will be fulfilling. Your description should be a summary of your User Personas and User Stories. Create at least three User Personas representing the different groups your project will target. Create a spreadsheet listing at least three user stories for each of the user groups you identified.

Team Blinky will present their Initial Proposals on Monday, 11/3, and Team Inky will present on 11/10. All students will submit their written Initial Proposals before 11/10.

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