First Day of Class

Let go around the room and introduce ourselves. What has your focus been at IMM? What was your favorite class or project? With respect to IMM, what do you feel has been your biggest strength? Weakness?

Review Syllabus
Let’s take a few minutes to review the syllabus.

Assignments for Week 1

Weekly Assignments

  • Daily Drift – 300 words daily, stream of consciousness to kick start your creativity
  • Weekly Wandering – take a walk, go running, whatever, capture your thoughts in words, pictures, sketches, music, video – whatever helps you express your thoughts.
  • Reflection – at the end of the week, reflect on everything you’ve gathered & pondered. Write 300 or more words trying to organize it into a cohesive whole.
  • To Review – a list of links, videos, books, films, etc, you’d like to review later
  • Notes – notes on your ‘To Review’ materials for the week
  • Classmate Feedback – comment on 2 or more classmates’ posts to our class Google Community

One-Time Assignments

  • Future Bio – Your bio for 3 years from now, three paragraphs or so
  • LinkedIn Profile – create it or update existing, link in to your professors and join “Interactive Multimedia at The College of New Jersey” group

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