Week 4

Weekly Assignments

  • Daily Drift
  • Weekly Wandering
  • Reflection
  • To Review
  • Notes
  • Classmate Feedback

Team Blinky History of Your Field Presentations

Present the information you’ve gathered about the History of the Field you’ve chosen for your Thesis project.

Review this Week’s Reading

  • “Liquid Networks” from Where Good Ideas Come From

Assignments for Week 4

Weekly Assignments

  • Daily Drift – Google Drive doc, 300 words daily, stream of consciousness to kick start your creativity (share link with me only)
  • Weekly Wandering – take a walk, go running, whatever, capture your thoughts in words, pictures, sketches, music, video – whatever helps you express your thoughts, Google Drive doc (share link on Google Community).
  • Reflection – at the end of the week, reflect on everything you’ve gathered & pondered. Write 300 or more words in a Google doc trying to organize it into a cohesive whole (share link on Google Community).
  • To Review – a list of links in a Google Drive spreadsheet; videos, books, films, etc, you’d like to review later (share link on Google Community)
  • Notes – notes in a Google Drive doc on your ‘To Review’ materials for the week (share link on Google Community)
  • Classmate Feedback – comment on 2 or more classmates’ posts to our class Google Community

One-Time Assignments

State of the Field – 3 points for presentation; 3 for write-up
Research three important projects that have recently been developed in the field in which you plan to work. Get a firm grasp on the who, what, when, where, why and how of each project. Illustrate this information as well as any technical, personal, historical or conceptual relationships between the projects in the form of a concept map.

Members of Team Inky will present their research — including their concept map — to the class on September 29, using web sites, videos, images or any other media that will help describe the work. Also describe how each project has influenced your own ideas about what to do (or not to do) for your own project this year. Has this initial research given you an idea of what hasn’t already been done in this area? Might that be a direction you want to pursue? Refer to these additional guidelines for an effective presentation.

Everyone in the class — regardless of team — must write up his or her research more formally, incorporating or responding to any feedback from classmates, if appropriate. Post your writing to as Google Doc to the Google Community before class on October 6. Attach your concept map to the post, and assign your post to the “State of the Field” category. This text will inform your upcoming formal project proposal. You’ll be graded not only on the thoroughness of your research, but on how effectively you present your ideas in writing. Use headings or other formatting to lend clarity and organization to your Google Doc, and keep these additional guidelines in mind. Your post should be at least 700 words.

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