Challenges in Trenton


  • Trenton Stakeholders Meeting next Monday, September 14th
  • Need cell phone numbers from everyone

Design Notebooks

Let’s review some of your Design Notebook entries from last week.


Let’s organize into teams.

We’ll start by creating a quick survey in TCNJ’s Qualtrics Survey tool, which you should get free access to as students at TCNJ.

  • In Qualtrics, we’ll create a couple of questions, beginning with a “Text Entry” question for your name
  • Next we’ll create a “Matrix” Question for each of you to self assess your skills along a number of multimedia disciplines including graphic design, web design, games programming, writing and animation/film
  • Finally we’ll publish our survey

Now, point your browser to the survey web url and take the survey.


Let’s take a short break so I can assess the survey results When we come back, we’ll group up into teams.

Challenges in Trenton

Trenton Demographics

Trenton 250

Potential Partners


  • If we haven’t already done so, break up into your teams teams
  • Review the sites of our partner organizations
  • Review the SWOC Analysis and Demographics from the Trenton 250 website linked to above.
  • Brainstorm a few interactive multimedia concepts that might assist in addressing some of the opportunities outlined in the analysis.


Trenton Challenges

  • Read the Trenton 250 Vision Element
  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and label it “Guiding Principles”
  • List the 8 guiding principles outlined in the Trenton 250 Vision Element
  • Write a paragraph discussing one of these principles in more detail
  • What kinds of data could you use to help address your chosen principle?

Working In Teams

  • Read Chapter 10, “Working with Others” in Design is a Job
  • Create a new slide in your Design Notebook and title it “Working in a Team”
  • Based on the reading, summarize the author’s advice about working in a team environment.

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